Friday, November 2, 2012

RockStar Baby

You were a rockstar baby. Now you're gone with the wind. Fell so hard. So fast. How am I suppose to deal with this? I'm a mess trying to keep up a face that doesn't reflect what it feels like to have you not here with me. It's a hard realization to know all our memories will forever be history.

I hate sisters. They remind me of the part of me thats lost. The one, single part I'm afraid I'll forget. They say time heals all wounds and with time it gets easier. I'm only finding it's easier because it's getting harder to remember. A picture is worth a thousand words and holds tightly a distant memory. But for how long can a picture be your remedy.

I have memories that are fading fast. The ones without pictures, I'm finding it hard to make them last. How do I bring back the sweet sound of laughter and be able to hold it close so I'll never forget it after? Memories that are there remind me of the ones that aren't. That ones that are fading fast in the dark.

My sister's birthday was yesterday. The last time I was able to wish her a happy birthday was 6 years ago. She would have been 23.

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