Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Then What Dreams Can Contribute.

I've seen you sad,
I've seen you down -
It makes me mad,
Makes me want to throw my fists around.

With all the lies,
It's no surprise you feel this way.

I want you to scream,
At the top of your lungs.
Scream that you realize,
All you can become.

And I want you to go,
I want you to fly,
I want you to wake up -
Wake up and realize,
You're more then what you dream,
More then what they say you are.
You're more then perfect,
More then what they make you seem.

You're better then them,
Because at the end of the day -
You know how to love,
Which is more then they can say.

They're lost in their hate,
Fixed on their rage,
They'll get what's coming,
And I wont complain.

Your spirit is flawless,
Your heart is like that too.
And I know you should know this,
But sometimes its hard with all that you go through.
So you find yourself in question,
Asking what it is you've done wrong,
And I hope that the answer, brings you back to this song.

Because you're better then them,
At the end of the day,
You know how to love,
Which is more then they can say.

You're more then what you dream,
More then perfect,
So much more then perfect.

I found myself singing this while doing dishes today. Sometimes things just pour out of me. My kids often ask what song it is that I'm singing or if I'm just making up stuff again. Mostly, I'm just making up stuff.

Lately, I've been extremely irritated by people and what they attempt to do to another persons mind, spirit, and/or heart just out of spite that they've forgotten how to truly smile with love and compassion. I don't think I could ever understand the fullness of hate and what drives a person to it. I probably love too much. Sometimes, maybe too hard. That often equals pain in my own heart, but when it's all said and done... I'm okay with that. I would rather get hurt loving then be hurtful because I don't know how to love.


  1. If you are "just making up things" you have a great talent.

    Yes, sometimes jealousy and a need to hold others down is directed at someone who initially does not seem strong enough to know that they are picked for the treatment on purpose. Hopefully they will learn that this is their moment to fly...to cast off all the marionette strings and walk into the light. Become who they are supposed to be...and not look back. Sometimes it is hard to do, but it is always a blessing in disguise.

  2. Lovely post Tina. I'm of the: 'I am only one, but I AM one' philosophy, and sometimes one is all it takes to get the job done. May God illuminate your way each and every day!

  3. I agree with Annie. Wow...what talent, Tina. Its takes a courageous person these days to love in the face of hate. And I don't think you can love too much but yes, sometimes it feels like that when you are surrounded by so many people who chose not to. Its obvious your words come from a deep and courageous place...you are a beacon of light for those who have fallen and can't see their way. We are here, supporting your work with love:)